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Oud Al Mukhtar Mist Spray | عود المختار

250ml of oud based attar al faraash - air freshener & room spray

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Uplift the mood of your home instantly. This versatile mist can be used as air freshener, car spray and linen spray.


Scent profile: Oud Al Mukhtar is a luscious floral scent that opens with a harmonious blend of saffron, jasmine, and bergamot followed by a rose and cedar heart. A musky base of agarwood and amber with a resinous afternote of myrrh creates a unique and richly textured scent that becomes a kindling comfort.

What's included? 1 x 250ml Bottle of Oud Al Mukhtar Attar Al Faraash.

Transform your space Dukhni mists are ideal for refreshing fabrics, prayer mats, furniture, and more. Versatile as air fresheners, car sprays, or for revitalizing your kitchen and bathroom, they're perfect for any moment, be it pre-prayer, pre-guests, or post-cleaning.

Why choose Dukhni Mists? With their enduring fragrance, ethical ingredients (non-alcoholic, cruelty-free, vegan), and connection to the timeless Arabic tradition of home scenting, they stir nostalgia and bring forth serenity. Dukhni is committed to delivering an authentic and opulent aromatic journey.

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Oud Al Mukhtar Mist Spray | عود المختار

$19.99 Regular price $21.49

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Can I spray the mist on my body and hair? 

Dukhni mist sprays are non-alcoholic natural mist sprays that are ideally meant to be used as a room freshener spray and can be used on fabrics, sofas, beds, carpets, curtains etc. 

 Can I spray the mist on clothes? 

Yes, Dukhni natural mist sprays can be used on any fabric but please maintain some distance between the mist and the fabric while you are spraying. 

Can I use these mists around my pets? 

 Yes, you absolutely can use the mists around your pets, but please do not use the mists on your pets. It is highly recommended you conduct a test spray and check if your pet has an allergic reaction to the same. 

 Can these mists be used during prayer? 

Dukhni mist sprays are water based and non-alcoholic which makes them perfect for spraying on prayer mats and clothes. 

What makes this the best choice?

Luxurious Oud based fragrance

Capture the alluring scent of Oud and add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home.

Long lasting & Refreshing

Revitalizes fabrics, bed linen or rooms, eliminates odors and creates a warm and inviting ambience.

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