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Saffron in Fragrances

Saffron is usually referred to as the worlds most legendary spice. It grows in Iran, Greece, Morocco and India.

Saffron is used in food for flavour and colouring. Its also known to have significant medicinal properties. In Fragrances it adds a deep leathery spicy note. Traditionally saffron was used to scent baths, houses and temples. Today, a touch of saffron is added in bakhoors, attars/ fragrance oils, perfumes and many more fragrance and cosmetic products.

Saffron adds a bittersweet, leathery and intimate touch to the fragrance. The scent carries a subtle earthy base note but it is soft too with a slight floral and sweet honey aroma. With an unmistakable scent and flavor, saffron straddles sweet and spicy effortlessly.  It lends itself well when blended with other spices, herbs and flowers.

Interesting Fact: 50-60 flowers of saffron only give you about 1 teaspoon of saffron.

Try Dukhni's Oud Al Sawsani which is a unique blend of Oud & Saffron.