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The Aromatic Saga Of Sandalia - History And Role In Modern-day Perfumery

A journey back in time. From the temples of Mysore in Southern India, beliefs of spiritual transcendence in Buddhism and Sufism, embalming stories of mummification in Egypt, medicinal significance in Ceylonese, and even the deep religious rituals in the Arabic culture- Sandalia or Sandalwood is a precious fragrance that’s loved by all.

Sandalwood comes from the Santalum album tree, native to Southern India and Southeast Asia, but owing to population pressure and deforestation, it is finding a new home in many parts of Australia. The fragrance is a combination of deep, woody scents with accents of a floral, sweet and balsamic trail. Sandalwood is a popular choice for a base note in fragrances. It is known as a beautiful fixative that tethers the other notes in its truest composition. Normally, Sandalia is suggested as a fragrance for the winters, but it has a place for summer wear as well when paired with exquisitely fresh notes of fruity and floral ingredients. Dukhni offers some wondrous combinations with this precious fragrance in its attar collection.

Sandalia Mukhamara is a unisex warm scent that blends elegant Sandalwood with sweet notes of vanilla. Sandalia Rose combines delicate rose with rich Sandalwood. Sandalia Ambari has a woody exotic base of Sandalwood blended with sweet-balsamic notes of vanilla and benzoin, making this a unisex and strong fragrance. Sandalia Khus is a grassy-woody-musky scent that highlights the extravagant vetiver and Sandalwood; a great stress-reliever. Lastly, Sandalia Jasmine is an alluring lavish bouquet of pure jasmine combined with the musky and woody Sandalwood.

If you have been expanding your collection, Sandalwood attar is a must in every closet for its rhythmic interplay between fresh and woody sillage. You can explore the collection of Dukhni for this prized possession among perfume cognoscenti. Check out Sandalia Attar Set.


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