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Role Of Base Notes In Perfumery

It begins at the end. Perfumes are every bit as theatrical as they can get. When you start exploring the scents of different regions, you will start noticing the nuances brought to perfume by the surroundings, time and most uniquely, your body chemistry. Like music, perfumes also perform and it has various emotional connotations to it. Now, primarily, every perfume is made up of three notes, namely, top, heart and base. Top note is the start to the olfactive poetry, heart note is the transitioning bridge, and base note is the resounding climax.

Base notes are ultimately what stays of the perfume or attar. The top note is the initial scent you get from a particular attar. In a short time this becomes mild and the middle note takes centre stage. Ultimately, this middle note also disperses and upfront and lasting is the base note- concentrated and intense! Some of the most popular base notes used in Arabic perfumes are Oud, Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, etc.

Oud is revered as well as adored by perfume connoisseurs globally. It is the most popularly used base note in Arabic perfumery. Dukhni’s Oud Al Dehn is a long-lasting artisanal fragrance that lasts for over 12 hours after application. Musky, earthy, almost like wet soil is another favored base note, patchouli. Amber is described as powdery but has a sweet scent. While sandalwood is woody yet sophisticated in appeal. Lingering and amazing, these base notes bring depth to a perfume. Using premium quality base notes ingredients is therefore extremely crucial is increasing the staying power of your attar and perfume.

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