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Region: Canada

How to choose your favourite Arabic Incense?

Bakhoor is the Arabic word for incense. Bakhoor comes in all sorts of different forms, shapes and fragrances. Just as you carefully choose your perfume its important to choose your bakhoor.

One important thing to note is that you will get a very different scent when you smell the piece of bakhoor straight from the sachet versus when you burn the bakhoor. So, always ensure to choose your favourite scent after you burn it.

In order to simplify this process, we created the Dukhni Oud Variety Box with individually wrapped sachets of bakhoor. Bakhoor can be oud based, sweet, floral, woody, citrus or spicy. One piece of bakhoor is likely to blend several of the above ingredients. It can be deep, rich, modern or traditional so you can choose based on the type of scent you prefer. If you like a variety of scents and cannot choose then we understand your dilemma and we have you covered at Dukhni!   

We recommend burning a piece of bakhoor and if you like the scent, save the empty sachet in the box. If you are not a big fan of the scent, discard the sachet. As you go through the Dukhni Oud Variety Box, you will be left with your empty sachets of your favourite scents. Its now easy to go online and order refills of your favourite scents.