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Can you make bakhoor at home? Can you eat bakhoor?

The short answer is yes and no! Bakhoor is the Arabic word for ‘incense’. Traditionally, bakhoor used to be made at home in the kitchen so it is possible. Many ingredients were mixed together, blended, cooked and kept to cool in trays. But then again people used to make all their bread, cakes, desserts and more at home.

Today, you can get superb quality bakhoor which is very well priced and hard to match in terms of quality if made at home. Using top quality ingredients- oils, flowers, spices and woods, combined with a good recipe will give you the best bakhoor. The key is to get a good smell, diffusion and balance of scents when its heated, while burning the bakhoor.  

If bakhoor is edible or not really depends on the ingredients that have gone into it. Often, it is made with natural flowers, herbs, spices and woods which would all fall in the ‘edible’ category. Having said that, we don’t recommend eating bakhoor even if all the ingredients are edible. It smells way better than it tastes, this we are certain off!

Explore Dukhni bakhoor which is made using a family recipe shared down 5 generations. And please burn it & don’t eat it!