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Region: Canada
Yemeni Oud Bakhoor عود بخور يمني

Yemeni Oud Bakhoor عود بخور يمني

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Yemeni Oud Bakhoor عود بخور يمني Set contains:

Bakhoor Adeni (40g) will bring back memories of Yemeni homes. The top note, will take you back to an Arab Souk with fragrances of Rose, Ylang Ylang, Musk & Agarwood. An emotional scent, which you will fall in love with, and which will make you feel like you are in Arabia!

Bakhoor Nashawan (40g) has a deep topnote of Rose & Musk; which leads us into the mysteries of the fragrance of Hyacinth with a touch of Jasmine. The base note or the residual fragrance comprises a delicate yet perfect blend of Benzoin Resin, Tonka Bean, Musk & Agarwood. This is especially calming to use while praying

Bakhoor Al Ghawi (40g) is a blended bakhoor with an Oud base. A sinful blend of Clove, Patchouli, Amber & Myrrh. A deep and spiritual scent which burns to diffuse a rich encapsulating aroma

Bakhoor Sheeba (40g) releases a sweet fruity top note of berry, cinnamon & a touch of rose but quickly transforms a space with the exotic fragrances of Patchouli & Nutmeg before unravelling the deep resonating scent of frankincense and sandalwood in the base. Traditional Oud Bakhoor which  will take you straight back to all your memories of the traditional Arab world

Made using a traditional Yemeni Family Bakhoor Recipe - this exotic bakhoor incense burns on Charcoal & the Dukhni Exotic Burner

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For external use only. Do not inhale smoke or fumes directly. Please handle with care, and do not leave a candle flame unattended. Do ensure that candle flame is not touching copper plate and there is no soot formation to prevent any form of twax combustion or fire. Do not move when candle is lit as wax is hot and spillage can cause combustion. Burner gets hot while using with charcoal or candle and remains hot for sometime after use- do not touch