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Why Do Flowers Make Us Happy?

Flowers are a sign of love, care & affection. Just looking at them makes us happy. It increases the flow of dopamine to the brain cells which is a “feel good” hormone allowing you to feel joy. Spring is associated with being happy and cheerful and with beautiful and bright flowers.

Why are flowers so strongly associated with Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions? It is because of the feeling that it triggers and this in turn is strongly linked to the scent that flowers emit. Flowers trigger emotions and evoke positive feelings like love, affection, admiration & gratitude. Flowers are also symbolic. White roses for example, symbolize new beginnings making them one of the simplest and the best gifts when someone is embarking on a new journey.

Ever struggled with insufficient sleep? Lack of sleep makes you feel tired and unhappy throughout the day and can affect the work you do. Not surprisingly, flowers can help you sleep better. The scent triggers emotions, relaxes the mind and body and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. It increases the flow of serotonin to the brain, stabilizes your mood and makes you feel calmer.

Interestingly, flowers also help change the environment around you & help brighten the atmosphere. Vibrant flowers can cheer you up and brighten your mood. Pastel flowers make you feel calm & create a serene atmosphere.

Have you heard of flowers and bouquets that never wilt?? Flowers can be transformed into fragrances that can linger on your skin all day long and these never wilt. Attars, pure concentrated perfume oils, made from flowers can give you all the benefits that the scent of flowers give you all day long and wherever you go!