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Get rid of Cigarette Smell

Bakhoor, also known as incense, is a traditional method for removing unpleasant odors and adding a pleasant scent to a room. It is made from natural ingredients such as wood chips, resin, and essential oils. Even Air fresheners/Natural Mists are used to remove cigarette smells. To remove the cigarette smell effectively -

  1. Light the Bakhoor: Place the Bakhoor on a Dukhni smokeless burner or use charcoal burner.
  2. Allow it to burn: Allow the Bakhoor to burn for a few minutes until the fragrance begins to fill the room.
  3. Extinguish the Bakhoor: Once the room is filled with Bakhoor scent, extinguish the Bakhoor by blowing it out or smothering it with a lid.
  4. Repeat as needed: Repeat the process as needed to remove the cigarette smell.
  5. Use Natural Mists: Use Natural Mists to freshen the room and neutralize the smell of cigarette smoke.

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