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Does the burner you choose for your Arabic Bakhoor make a difference?

For those new to using and buying Arabic Oud Bakhoor Incense, this post discusses what the different ways are to burn Arabic Bakhoor Incense and how the way you choose to burn your Arabic incense effects the final experience.

The traditional way to burn bakhoor is on charcoal. A piece of bakhoor is placed on a well lit, hot piece of coal and within seconds, it emits a lush smokey scent. This scent diffuses quickly in your room but it also gets absorbed into fabrics, clothes and your hair leaving everything smelling wonderful for a long time after.

The other option is to burn bakhoor on the Dukhni smokeless candle burner. This does not require charcoal, its easy to burn, smoke free and mess free. Light a t light candle and simply put a piece of Dukhni bakhoor on the copper plate. The fragrance will diffuse very slowly and can continue burning for 3 hours. This option makes it safer for kids, people with breathing difficulties, pets and its eco friendly and non toxic too.

The type of burner and the quality of the bakhoor incense both impact the experience equally! It is important to be aware of the pro’s and con’s of the different burners and styles of burning bakhoor so you can choose the experience that is most suitable for your home and family.