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Arabic Fragrances Vs. Western Perfumes

Fragrances are more than just a combination of different aromatic ingredients. It depicts culture, the spirit of the land, memories of the past, and beliefs of people passed on from generations. So, when you think of Arabic fragrances versus the western ones, it’s really a cultural shift through the scents of different lands. 

Simply put, Arabic fragrances are intense and strong- often oud based, while western perfumes have more of a fresh and light appeal. A cultural descent, perfumes encapsulate emotions of the land, and while each has its merit, here are some key differences between Arabic fragrances and western perfumes:

  • Source

Arabic fragrances are predominantly natural extracts of oud, sandalwood, ambergris, etc. making them oil-based natural perfumes, while western perfumes are a combination of essential oils with aromatic chemicals that are majorly alcohol-based. 

  • Composition

Arabic fragrances are all about the layering of different attars manually to create a unique blend like oud and rose, while western perfumes are more focused on the three notes creating a singular composition.

  • Sillage

Popular Arabic fragrances like oud, musk, florals, etc. are all pure oil-based extracts that are highly concentrated while western fragrances are diluted forms of the ingredients. As a result, perfume or even oud bakhoors are more potent with longer sillage than the modern western fragrances that offer just a whiff of various aromas.

  • Culture

Arabic fragrances are popularly used at prayer time. Its use was suggested by the prophet and commonly used across mosques as well. It is a symbol of personal hygiene, spiritual upliftment and prosperity in the community, while western perfumes are the novelty of self-indulgence.

So, whether you’re inclined towards Arabic fragrances like oud attars or western perfumes by popular brands, aromatic indulgence is yours to explore. 

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