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5 Different Benefits of Burning Bakhoor during Ramadan!

The holy month of Ramadan is all about spirituality and family. Its a time of reflection, introspection and hospitality.


Burning bakhoor is an important culture and custom that has been passed down through generations. Fragrancing your home with bakhoor, creates a spiritual vibe and will make you feel like you are in a mosque. It helps prepare you and your home for prayer time.The scent of bakhoor will evoke memories and trigger nostalgia, reminding you of family and loved ones.




Bakhoor effectively gets rid of pungent odours. Cooking smells often linger, cigarette smells are hard to eliminate and Arabic oud bakhoor can be very effective for both of these.




Bakhoor fosters feeling of peace, comfort and coziness. Guests are welcomed into homes with the scent of burning oud bakhoor as a mark of respect and appreciation. It’s a tradition that makes your home more welcoming.




The burning of this highly sought, expensive wood is an inherent part of Islamic culture, more so during Ramadan, the month long fasting period and the subsequent Eid celebrations. This makes bakhoor a perfect gift for family, friends and loved one’s.

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